The food storage and Maid's room

In the oldest rooms in the house, we have kept the interior as authentic as possible with white walls, sugarcane roofs and wrought iron. The tiles are handmade burned clay. One of the rooms was original the house food storage room. Here you can still find hooks and pins for cheese and the mandatory Spanish ham.

The other room is across the hall and is the maiden’s room, and is renovated in the same style. Both rooms are on the first floor and have en suite bathrooms.

Sleep well with a breeding roof and an authentic historic atmosphere.

These rooms are in a wing that was used for storing crops and equipment in the “old days”. There are two big rooms, with a strong influence of the Moorish period in Andalusia. Most of the interior is of Moroccan influence. Even if this is not a typical place for families with small children, we can put in extra bed on the small loft if needed. Both rooms have modern bathrooms and are facing the patio.

Storage rooms 1 and 2

The Granary

The granary is literally in the middle of the house and one of the coolest rooms. The entrance was like a small whole in the wall and no windows, to prevent mice and insects for having a feast. The room has now a more Moorish style, and probably the most romantic room on the house. We have opened the room towards the patio, added a bath room and a glass door to make it bright and cosy.


Riva is a large room at the 1. floor in the main house. The room is named after a one of the noble families that have owned La Urraca. The Riva family was a part of the Spanish nobility and had several large country manors in Spain, and we don’t know if they really lived here or just owned it. The room is fully renovated with a modern bath in a Spanish/Moorish style and has a private terrace facing the patio. One of our most popular rooms in the house.

Weapons room and the pigsty

These double rooms are connections rooms, sharing a large modern bathroom. Both rooms are at the ground floor. The weapons room has a classical Spanish design and is like the storage room. White walls, sugarcane roof and with two single beds. The room is facing east and you will enjoy the most spectacular sunrise above the Malaga Valley. The pigsty is, as the name indicates, the old room where they kept the pigs. We can promise that the pigs are gone and the room is fully renovated. Our guest calls it the “blue room”, and it has a more modern and classic interior. The room is facing northwest and is cool and nice in the summertime.

Tower suite

The suite has a fantastic view in literally all directions – 360 degrees. The room has a private roof top terrace, bath room and a small kitchen.  The history says that a bishop from northern Spain, Vitoria,  used to live here and reflect on religious issues he was struggling with. These days the suite is used for weddings, anniversaries and it is also suitable for long-term rental as a self-contained room .