Experience a Spanish cortijo with a long history and tradition in Casarabonela, Malaga

Our offering in a nutshell

We strive to offer our guests a unique experience in stunning environment in an old classic Spanish country manor. We look at our guests as individuals and tailormade their stay here according to their needs. Food and wine is important to us, and we have a nice selection of wines and courses to select from. There is no “chef” at La Urraca, so all our meals are our own home cooking, based on local food and classical Andalusian recipes. Enjoying a late-night meal in the patio under stars is something to be remembered – we promise. We believe that a unique experience is only special if it is shared with good friends or family.

La Urraca dates back to 1490, the year when Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand won the last battle against the Moors in Granada, and Christopher Columbus went to sea to look for America. La Urraca is a part of Spanish history and has been owned by noble families for centuries. The estate resides in Casarabonela, a mountainous area in the natural park of Sierra de las Nieves, with a stunning view of Malaga Valley and the mountains in west – only 35 minutes from Malaga Airport.

Today La Urraca is a living farm growing avocado and mango, and we have a fruit and vegetable garden for our guests. All production on the farm is ecological. We offer accommodation and an authentic Andalusian experience in a unique Spanish cortijo. The area has many opportunities for outdoor activities, like hiking, riding, biking and golf, not forgetting a nice day at the beach. 


La Urraca is not a traditional hotel or bed & breakfast – it is our home, and it gives us great pleasure to invite you as guest in our home – a home we are very proud of. We only do groups and minimum stay is three nights and four rooms.

.La Urraca is now fully renovated, after being “abandoned” for 15-20 years. The house has 9 double rooms, with modern en suite bathrooms. Two of the rooms are connection rooms with shared bath. All the rooms have a unique design, with great respect for the history and architecture of the house.

Many of the rooms are facing an open and classic Andalusian patio. The patio has a large dining area and an outdoor kitchen. The inner part is the lounge area with the mandatory fountain.  The area is lit and creates a nice ambient atmosphere for long hours with good friends or family. The house is a perfect location for any important events in your life – weddings, anniversaries or simply spend some quality time with close friends.

The house has many secluded terraces and outdoor areas, a large pool and areas for relaxing and sunbathing.

The house is not very child friendly, due to elevation and unsecured staircases.


The farm is located in the hillside southwest of Casarabobela village in a sunny area. Historically the area was producing wine and was one of the main wine area for the romans when they ruled Spain from xx to xx. Now citrus and olives dominates the landscape of Malaga Valley. La Urraca is an old manor and has historically water rights to a well in the mountains. Everything is about water when running a farm in one of Europe’s driest and sunniest area. The main crop at La Urraca are avocado and mango, but there is a plan to re-introduce grapes – time will show. 

We have set a side areas for horses, hens and our two dogs – Jazz and Kapi.


The area around Casarabonela and Sierra de Las Nieves is excellent for outdoor activities of all kind. It is a very popular spot for hiking and mountain biking, and there are numerous tracks and trails. We can help you with bike rental through our partners. Maps and GPS is available, if needed. We can also offer guided tours.

We have partners in the area that can offer horse riding – both for experienced riders and beginners.

For those of you that will enjoy a more urban experience we have Malaga only 30 min away and Marbella 45 min away. You could easily reach Sevilla, Cordoba or Granada on a day trip.

We will help to make the best possible arrangement for you.